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Ublik (1)
Also known as Ooblick or Ooblek. A non-Newtonian substance made by mixing cornstarch and water.

Applied to materials, the definition, non-Newtonian describes substances such as “silly putty” which will resist deformation under rapidly applied pressure but can be kneaded easily if the force is slowly applied.

Ublik will apparently solidify under pressure. Try squeezing a handful! I am told that this property will allow you to run across a swimming pool full of custard, mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm custard.............

Ublik (2)
Eskimo language: water coming to the surface. An upward current, possibly due to warmer water rising.

Ublik (3)
A Hungarian and eastern European surname.

Ublik (4)
A town in Poland

In other words we just liked the name